5 Reasons I’m Excited To Be Going Travelling

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Today I picked up my backpack for my travels next year and it sent me into excitement overdrive.

It was like I’d just drunk several cans of Diet Coke. To give you some context my mum once though I was drunk when I came home from a Pizza Hut party. The sad truth is it had been caused by one too many free refills of Pepsi. Who knew it was possible to get that enthusiastic over a bag, eh!

I decided to sit down and channel some of that happiness into some sort of sense, so here are five reasons I can’t wait to go travelling.

1. The People

I enjoy travelling with people. Whether or not they like journeying with me is a totally different matter, one that you’d have to ask them about. I’m not just talking about travel companions however, but people you meet on the road. I love meeting the locals or other travellers and hearing their stories – it can certainly give you some perspective.

2. The Thought Of Discovering And Learning About New Places

Do you not love the idea of heading off somewhere that you’ve never been and exploring it? I do. I think I’ve always been a bit of a history geek so to me learning about the place I’m visiting is usually fascinating. That isn’t to say that I only care about wars or rulers or buildings but how cultures have developed, local customs, traditional dishes and how people live. And I’m definitely not saying I don’t appreciate some chill out time on the beach either.

3. For The Adventure

The thought of getting stranded or a little bit lost doesn’t bother me too much. Maybe that’s because on the most part it has never been a problem when I’ve travelled. Bad stuff comes with the good stuff and things like having a flight cancelled isn’t the end of the world – you’ll reach wherever you’re going eventually and it just means you can have more of an adventure along the way.

4. For The Experience

Travelling can be a real eye-opener and by going backpacking next year I’m hoping that I’ll be able to learn even more than I already have from exploring new places. I’m really looking forward to doing the not so touristy stuff along with the more must see bits that come as part of travelling. Stepping out of your comfort zone every now and then isn’t always such a bad thing.

5. For The Enjoyment

I enjoy travel. Simple as.

What would you add to this list?





3 thoughts on “5 Reasons I’m Excited To Be Going Travelling

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