8 Sweet As Reasons To Visit New Zealand Tomorrow

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New Zealand, the gorgeous country that has been my home for the past month.

From the moment I left Auckland airport I was a little bit in love. Maybe it was because homesickness had finally started to kick in a tad and I felt at home in the rain. Weird, eh.

My love for the country was only amplified further when I had the best cup of tea I have had since leaving the UK back in December. Sometimes the small things make all the difference, right?

But rain and good cups of tea aside I’ve since realised there’s heaps of other reasons that I love New Zealand.

1. The Scenery

I couldn’t write this post and not include the scenery as a reason to visit. I’ve never seen anything like it, EVER. The even better part is that the majority of it is completely unspoilt which just makes it even more darn beautiful. If you need more convincing then take a look at these photos.








2. The Diversity

One minute you’ll be driving along a road, the ocean spread out as far as you can see on one side, sheer cliff faces on the other and then you’ll turn a corner and be driving through roads surrounded by rolling green hills, snow capped mountains in the distance. Then the next day you’ll find yourself walking through a rainforest and having to have snow chains put on your vehicle so you can drive through the mountains safely before a volcano comes into view. Pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

3. The Walks

I know, I know, I mention walks a lot but, they truly are amazing x 382819281516172828283820 in New Zealand. Depending where you are and how much effort you feel like putting in you can opt for a short stroll along the beach, trek up a mountain or glacier, go caving or just explore whichever town you’re in. And the even better thing? You’re pretty much guaranteed to go past a great photo opportunity every 0.0000001 seconds on said walk.

4. The Adrenaline

Do you like skiing?
How about snowboarding?
Fancy trying skydiving?
What about a bungy jump?
Or a canyon swing?
Nope? Okay, how do you feel about kayaking?
Paddle boarding?
Horse riding?

You get my point.

5. The Attitude

The attitude of Kiwis was one of the things that I noticed on day one. They’re all super chilled and friendly! Sweet as, ay.

6. The Lord Of The Rings

There is a reason New Zealand was chosen to be Middle Earth. It’s hard for even a non-LOTR fan to resist the charms of Hobbiton or not to be impressed by the likes of Mount Doom.

7. The Culture

Maori’s had made New Zealand their home long before Captain Cook landed and their presence can still be felt throughout the country today. Haka, anyone? If you go to Rotorua then be sure to check out the Tamaki Maori Village Experience. You can’t beat a good hangi buffet for dinner!

8. The Ease

It’s so, so, sooooo easy to travel around New Zealand! Which means that you have no excuse whatsoever for not exploring remote spots on both islands. If you don’t fancy renting a Jucy camper then you can travel between spots on the Inter City and Naked buses which are everywhere. For something a bit more social then Kiwi Experience and Stray both offer hop-on, hop-off bus passes. See, no excuse.

Have you been to New Zealand?




3 thoughts on “8 Sweet As Reasons To Visit New Zealand Tomorrow

  1. Wonderful pictures and yes, it is a lovely place.
    We loved New Zealand – can’t wait to get back. See my blog: thereadrovers (visited Feb/Mar 2013) and morereadrovers (visited Mar 2015) for some of my pictures.


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