Review: Street, Tarporley

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It was love at first bite.

The skinny fries loaded with melted cheese, shredded chicken and BBQ sauce had just proved themselves to be the perfect choice.

It had taken long enough.

After spending a good twenty minutes trying to decide what to have off the extensive menu (burrito or fries is a hard decision to make) it had taken a further thirty or so for the food to arrive on the shelf located in the back of the yellow and green VW campervan and the buzzer to sound indicating our order was ready.

My friend and I set to work devouring the small feast in front of us and were soon defeated by the generous portion sizes.

Deciding to take a break from gorging ourselves with tasty food we took time to soak in our surroundings.

The décor in Street is a unique combination of metal, wood, miniature Buddha’s, colourful cushions, a section of flooring made up of pennies and some pretty jazzy floor tiles. Somehow, it all works together perfectly.

Inside is in stark contrast to the restaurant’s grey exterior on Tarporley High Street. Blink and you could be forgiven for missing it.

Opened a few months ago following the success of its sister branch in Nantwich Street is described on its website as a casual food and drink venue, inspired by the street vendors from across the globe. It was a refreshing concept, to be able to walk into a venue and have the choice between Mexican, American and Asian food rather than having to decide before leaving the house. If I had a hat, I would have tipped it.

It may be slightly off the map but Street is worth a visit for its great atmosphere, variety of food and fantastic prices (we spent less than £20 in total)! OH, and you may want to check out the toilets if you visit too…

To check opening hours and directions you can visit the Street, Tarporley website here.


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