Where To Go For Brunch In London

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I know I’m hardly one to talk about getting out there and making the most of life because YOLO when I’m currently sat inside, slightly sunburnt scoffing chicken from a packet.

Glam or what, eh.

Truth is, the last week has felt pretty tough. I haven’t felt this low in a while and I have no idea why I do currently.

I can’t seem to shake this particular slump off despite dancing round to Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off on full volume several times – trust me, it DOES work. Usually, anyway.

I’ve just started a new job which I am LOVING, caught up with several friends recently, lost a stone in weight and been eating some pretty darn delicious food. Life lately hasn’t been too shabby, bar my crazy mood swings which are a constant work in progress.


Today I wanted to share some delicious London brunch spots with you. Last weekend I pootled down to the big ol’ smoke to meet up with some gal pals I went travelling with. High on our agenda was, you guessed it, brunch. Because brunch is the best meal of the day, obvs.

Our first stop of the weekend was Dalloway Terrace – an elegant and tranquil oasis nestled in the heart of the city.

We opted for three plates of avocado and poached egg on gluten free toast (all cooked to perfection) with two Mimosa’s (sparkling wine and orange juice) and one Breakfast Martini (gin, triple sec, marmalade and fresh lemon juice) to devour as we caught up on all the goss.

Dalloway was a beautiful, private spot, away from the hustle and bustle of the busier London streets to put the world to rights with some truly scrumptious food. Someone take me back ASAP, pls.

Once our bellies were filled we spent the rest of the day roaming the streets in the glorious sunshine and eating ice cream in Hyde Park. It was most definitely the life.

The next morning, we decided to go all American for our brunch and paid a visit to The Diner, which if you’re after a proper US diner experience is most certainly THE place to go.

We had some hilarious banter with the friendly staff as we took our time choosing from the extensive menu.

So. Many. Burgers.

Which were all also conveniently available to have on gluten free buns.

One breakfast burger, stack of red velvet pancakes and basket of sweet potato fries later and we rolled out the door and round the corner to Covent Garden. Our last few hours in London were spent mooching round the shops, watching street performers and making the most of the lush weather before we all headed our separate ways home in time for work on Monday. Boo.

Where is your favourite brunch spot?


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