15 Ways To Save Money When On The Road

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Nothing has the power to cause a great big grey cloud to lurk over your current and prospective travel plans  like the ‘M’ word.

Ugh, money. The bug bearer for many a backpacker.

BUT,  just because you’re having to watch the pennies it doesn’t mean that you can’t have any less fun than someone who isn’t.

1. Slow It Down

Taking your time travelling through a country can be cheaper if you haven’t booked everything in advance. Last minute flights and buses can be expensive so take a chill pill in a place you like and unwind there for a bit longer.

Or, book as much as you possibly can in advance as:

a) It should be cheaper and

b) You’ll know the majority of things are paid for leaving you more money for nights out, food and nicer accommodation

2. Stay For More Than One Night

Following on from my last point, another reason to consider slowing it down is that some hostels/hotels may offer discounted prices if you stay with them for longer. Think about it, eh.

3. Pre-Drink

Pubs, bars and clubs can be expensive. But I’m guessing you already knew that anyway. So, if you’re having a big night out stock up on cheap alcohol at the supermarket and pre-drink your little hearts out!

4. Don’t Have An Itinerary Set In Stone

It’s all about being flexible. If you don’t have to fly on a specific date or at a certain time, don’t. Instead, look for flights around your ideal date of travel as prices can vary depending on the day. It may suck flying at unsociable hours but you’ll probably find that these times cost less too.

5. Cook Yourself/With Others

In most places cooking for yourself and or with your travel buddies can work out a LOT cheaper and you don’t have to be restricted to noodles and pasta either. But more on that when I get round to writing a post on it.

6. Suss Out The Best Spots For Free WiFi

Lets face it. We all luuuuuuurve the internet. Especially when it’s free. Most towns and cities have hot spots when it comes to wifi so get your hunting instincts in gear and TRACK THEM DOWN.

7. Book Night Travel

Travelling at night means you can kill two birds with one stone:

1. You arrive to your destination with a whole day to go out and explore and

2. You can sleep on the night bus/flight which means you don’t have to fork out for accommodation

8. Swap Clothes

If you see that a dorm mate is throwing out some perfectly decent clothes ask nicely if you can have them. If you’re getting rid of clothes see if anyone has any that they want to swap with you. The same goes for toiletries etc.

9. Visit Free Attractions

Like museums. They can be kinda fun you know. Or parks. Or markets. You catch my drift. Also, don’t forget to have a look for walks in the area you’re visiting. Walking can be a great, free way to see the sights and explore a new place.

10. Get Off The Road!

Did anybody get that reference?

A few streets from the main road you’ll usually find food and accommodation for heaps cheaper. Just saying.

11. Travel To Cheaper Destinations

Flights to certain places may not be the cheapest but once you’re there you’ll find that they are waaaay cheaper than other destinations you’ve been considering. i.e. Asia vs. Europe. Asia is crazy cheap when you’re there. Not only that but it’s rammed full of culture and experiences that you’ll struggle to find anywhere else.

12. Love Your Feet

If you’re on a budget then get used to walking. Sure, it may take a take a smidge longer than the bus or train would but it will help to save those pennies. You may not save much at a time but I’ve found public transport costs soon add up.

13. And Your Hands

When it comes to laundry that is. Washing stuff by hand works out more cost effective and you’ll soon get used to your room looking like a Chinese laundrette.

14. Stay In Places Where You Get A Free Breakfast

Free breakfast has been a deal breaker for me and my travel companions in the past. Knowing you’re going to get at least one decent meal in a day can be a huge help when it comes to your daily food budget. If you’re feeling particularly cheeky then why not nab some bread to have for your lunch too?

15. Get Street Wise

Especially when it comes to eating. Street food isn’t all bad and its a super easy way to save money for other things that you want to do.

 How do you save money when travelling?




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