Review: Five Oysters, Ho Chi Minh

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I was a little apprehensive heading into Five Oysters as I’m not a big fan of seafood.

Fortunately (for me at any rate), it turned out that you didn’t have to be to enjoy a meal there.



There were heaps of dishes to choose from the extensive menu and it was all pretty cheap too – always a plus! In the end I opted for the fresh veggie spring rolls, chicken pho and a passion fruit mojito.

Although the service was a little slow there was a good vibe (we were sat on the rooftop) and I wouldn’t recommend not going if you happen to be nearby and in search of a good dinner spot.

Do you have any food/restaurant recommendations in Vietnam?



p.s. For those who are seafood fans, the people in our group that tried some said it was delish!


3 thoughts on “Review: Five Oysters, Ho Chi Minh

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